CNC Machining

All kinds of materials with computer accuracy

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World reach

We export our products to the world markets

How do we produce?

Modern computer-controlled machining is the most accurate and fastest method of machining today. Machine park of company Hronovský s.r.o. consists of 9 CNC automatic machines STAR (SR20, SR32, SB12) which allow us to efficiently process both smaller and larger orders.

  • we machine all kinds of materials (steel, brass, stainless steel, dural, …)
  • we produce series from 500 pieces
  • we also provide all kinds of surface treatment (including chromium plating and gilding)
  • we machine from bar materials up to Ø 32 mm

All products are subjected to the strict quality and parameter inspection

We operate in Europe

We are producing in five plants in the Czech Republic and in one in Bulgaria

Available Positions

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Tradition and Future

We are traditional producer since 1990

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